My Genealogy

I compiled the results of my research as an ancestor chart for my children. A surname index and a place index is available.
(Sorry, not available in English. But should be usable without knowledge of German language).

The journey is the destination ! Here I write about other people´s work that I could build on, about my research´s progress and describe the sources I used.

Directory of Places in Nassau

Herzogtum Nassau I compiled a directory of places in the Duchy of Nassau, showing the places in modern as well as historic maps.

The Biebrich Palace Church Records

Schloss Biebrich From 1745 to 1817 the court chaplains kept records for the court of Nassau in Biebrich.

In 2009 I produced a transcript of these church records, which you find here.

IGI Batch Numbers The LDS church (Mormons) have filmed huge amounts of church and civil records and furthermore parts of these records are searchable by the International Genealogial Index (IGI)

It is not possible however to search the IGI for a specific place or parish unless you know a so-called Batch-Number.

Datenbank I compiled a database of IGI Batch Numbers that you can search for place names.

... and some other stuff

While researching your own ancestors you may stumble across things that may be useful for other genealogists, that are of historical interest or just fun to read.

Sorry, all this is available in German only. Maybe I´m going to translate it some day. But since you are involved in German genealogy you always wanted to learn some German, didn't you?

17th Century Wiesbaden
Some census records show how life went on after the Thitry Years' War

Taunus Villages
Census, cattle and tax records shed some light on the rural life in recent centuries.
more ...

The Whereabouts of Johann Christian Dittmann
His wife and children are in need of a home in Weilburg

How to become a citizen in Wiesbaden?
For some people it wasn't easy to settle down in the capital of the dukedom of Nassau

A will from 1775
The shepherd Johannes Dressbach from Sonnenberg makes his last will and since he doesn't know to write he signs with three crosses

The 1678 "Baiersbronner Aktion"
Armed hostilities between farmers and the imperial army in the Black Forest

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